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Professional, friendly and reliable barbering service.

Barbershop appointments

As you all know the coronavirus has change the way we live and work, especially as a barber/barbershop. We have to change the way we do things to make sure that we keep ourselves and our clients safe.

Appointments can be made between 09:45 to 19:00 Monday's to Friday’s and 09:45 to 19:00 on Saturday’s. Just click on the following link book-now and follow the on screen instructions.

NOTE: Please be on time for your appointment.


💈✂ Beard trim and shape up £10

💈✂ Gents cut and shape up £15

💈✂ Skin fade and scissors trim £15

💈✂ Skin fade £15
💈✂ KIDS CUT £10
*This price applies to kids under 12 years of age,
any hair style.

💈✂ KIDS CUT £15
*This price applies to kids over 12 years of age,
any hair style.
💈✂ Woman's haircut £15
​💈✂ Adults £25

💈✂ KIDS £15

*This service is for those that require me to come to them. I will travel to your location and cut your hair. If I turn up and you cancel the appointment, you will be charge a cancellation fee. Please email me to check availability prior to booking this service.